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1. Start Early

 Start designing the best corrugated packaging design as early as now. You may start by drafting some ideas to acquire the best visual of what would your product would look like. Try to compare other competitors packaging. Your print packaging design may vary depending on the type of product you are going to promote hence you need to make a thorough and clear research about it.

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2. Keep Everything Simple

Less is considered to be more for some products. Attempting to oversell a certain product through packaging supply can offer opposite effects. Be sure that the packing material performs what is really need and nothing more. The product you are going to packed needs to be simply and easily transportable and this must always include some applicable warnings towards protecting and preserving the product.

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3. Consider Positioning and Branding

Market branding and positioning plays an essential role in packaging. Determine who your target markets are through identifying some of their expectations. You need to also investigate all the end users to immediately determine what’s the most eye catching and effective packaging supply for your product.

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4. Determine How Your Product Will Be Promoted and Sold

Selling your products through the internet is different to selling it in a store. Consumers who choose to purchase items online are not given the chance to completely touch the item before buying. This is the reason why corrugated packaging for online products needs to appeal some sense to peoples’ needs.

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5. Concentrate on Typography

Whether your product will be sold on a store or on the internet, you need to make sure that its packaging terms needs to be legible. Learn to focus on giving the most suitable typography sizes in your corrugated packaging. The font size is not only essential but so with the text color. It needs to blend with your packaging overall design.

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6. Hold the Attention of the Customers

Target market researches will definitely reveal some of the best ideas that can hold and get the attention of the customers. Average customers highlights average span of attention and they need some bells and whistles before deciding to purchase the product. However, your print packaging should not have any color and trend which may seem to be irrelevant to the product.

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7. Protect The Product

Exterior details in your packaging are very essential since it can easily catch the attention of the potential consumers. However, your packaging needs to also preserve your product until the customers are already ready to make use of it. Try to put on the package for how long the product would last and all other essential details to protect it.

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  1. I knew it, I freaking knew it, it always comes to packaging. No one believes me. But now, I have proof, so I can slap them on this face. I am not sure about typography thing, that is all. But otherwise love the pointers and agree with most of your tips. Keyword is most.

  2. I know that I am very attracted to packaging. Generally if the packaging is very nice and attractive it makes me want to try the product!

  3. Good packaging is paramount to receiving an undamaged product. That, and the design is part of what makes people want to purchase it. There’s so much planning involved with choosing your packaging!

  4. If a package comes in poor packaging, you do wonder how much care if given to the product you are receiving, even before you open it!

  5. When I worked in the corporate world as Inventor Manager, I saved the company so much money just be switching our packaging to the correct UPS recommended one. This prevented damages of our shipments and allowed us to double stack our pallets which saved us a large amount of money in shipping. Packaging is very important!

  6. I never really realized how big I am on packaging until now. I buy a lot of make-up and I always look at how it packed, and if it’s cute, if it’s not I start to doubt the product!

  7. Less is more, I definitely agree! A simple but beautiful packaging would certainly do the trick, I believe. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  8. Amazing information conveyed.They say first impression is the last impression. It definitely goes with the product too. The product packaging design acts as a pillar in building the image of the product and the brand name. It is essentially important to carefully select the best packaging design company.

  9. Packaging is so important for me .It’s mostly what makes me buy a product 😅 But I agree that it also has to be well protective for the products to prevent any damage in the shipping process .

  10. I was really confused at first because I have NO IDEA what corrugated packaging is. Product packaging? I wish that you specified what the heck it was at first but I THINK I gathered what it is by the end of this post.

  11. I never knew that there was so much that went in to packaging! Now that I know the amount of time and thought that goes into it I’m going to be more appreciative of it!

  12. Like you said for consumers over the internet packaging needs to be much more than just packaging, if you succeed in keeping the consumers attention that is the half way to making a sale, internet marketing is great, but internet stores are a lot harder, and even some veterans have been known to fumble with selling things on the internet, and you provide so many real points that people need to follow if they want to have a business on the internet.

  13. Totally agree that less is more. I mean, I know my boyfriend and I are biased against products that have very pretty branding that just doesn’t go with their price, and avoid them thinking that the product must be bad if the end result with all the extra branded package is cheap/affordable. This is usually the case of very pretty and low-priced wine bottles.

  14. Yup, packaging is very important !!! Nice tips !!! Surely our eyes go over the packaging first. Packaging really makes your product stand out !!!

  15. Is this geared towards businesses in the packaging field? I don’t do much packaging and wouldn’t know what to do with corrugated packages but, your tips are helpful to those who do.

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